Fácil peine del pelo SF-410

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Fácil peine del pelo SF-410

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■ with straightening and good rotating function .
■ heat resistant and antistatic.
■ suitable for any hair straightening and hair iron.
■ with good strength and flexibility.

a. Straight effect: Pick up the hair accurately, and clip the hair tightly, stylist can clip the hair back and forth more easily and quickly during straightening process.

b. Curve effect: With 180 degrees rotation function, which makes the straightening process more easlier.

c. Good coloring funtion(root re-touch): With 180 degrees rotation function, it lifts up the hair and turns it clockwise, preventing the color cream from touching the scalp.

d. When cutting horizontal line, this comb is more accurate than using fingers to fix the hair.

e. Treatment Function(readjust stick): With water collecting holes on its top and air flow directing alley on its bottom, treatment cream can be spread more equally on the hair.

f. Styling function: This comb can finish various kinds of hairstyles with thermo power, it can be gripped in vertical or reverse ways as requirement.

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Fácil peine para alisar, colorante, corte, tratamiento, estilo y acabado

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